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Here at Plain Pallets, we know that not all of our customers are the same and when it comes to choosing the right pallets for your needs, you may need something different than the company down the road. We are able to design custom pallets for you, no matter what size you may need.
If your products do not seem to fit on traditional sized pallets, just contact Plain Pallets and we will be able to build something to your specifications. Because we specialise in pallets, we will easily be able to make the perfect pallet for your needs, even if it is unusual or unique. Contact us for more information.

Custom Pallet Specifications:

  • New Pine Pallet
  • Special requirement pallet
  • 100 x 25mm deck boards
  • Strong & Durable design
  • Available to buyers specifications
  • Prices are based on size & volume

Suitable for:

  • Suitable for odd sized products / machinery / sheets / panels.

Also Available:


  • Mixed sizes for one way shipping
  • Cheap and serviceable
  • Generally ranging from 900mm2 up and over standard

Pallet Lids

  • Custome made to all sizes
  • Protects top of Products from strapping & top loading


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