Custom Pallets

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Custom Pallets

No two shipments are exactly the same. And in our 30+ years of pallet manufacturing, we’ve had requests for every type of pallet imaginable.

That’s why we offer custom pallet design and manufacture – because some shipments may require a non-standard size or particular type of wood.

Ask us about mixed-size pallets for cost-effective one-way shipping. So no matter what type or size of goods you’re shipping, our unequalled expertise means the pallets we create for you will suit perfectly.

Put simply, we offer pallets you can’t get anywhere else – and we couple that with unmatched peace-of-mind…

Comprehensive Service

We’re the only supplier in Melbourne to offer full exchange and refund on faulty pallets – and we also carry full public liability insurance. So if our pallets cause damage to your goods, it’s our problem – not yours. Though thanks to our highly trained professional staff, we’ve never had a mishap yet.

And even though your custom pallets are designed and built to your unique specifications, we guarantee a rapid turnaround – because we know you want your goods on the road ASAP.

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